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At the present time, education privatization has become the general trend in Indonesia. This matter cause the government subsidy for education minim, privatization of state university, increase of education payment, and limited of academic freedom and form an organization or joint one. Education privatization in Indonesia has cause the university become hard to access by the poor people, education has change become business commodity, meanwhile scientific tradition and academic freedom never happen in campuses. Based on census of Indonesian people on 2004, the population of Indonesia approximately 238.452.952 peoples who are spreads in 30 provinces. This numbers take the fourth biggest population in the world. The land wide is 1.919.440 km² (the fifteenth widest land in the world). On 2003, total income of Indonesian GDP reaches 758. 1 billion US dollars with average rate income per year reach 3200 US dollars. Majority of Indonesia people live in poverty. According to the government, the poor citizen in Indonesia at this time is 37, 17 million people (16,58%) from the total of Indonesian population. Averages of the Indonesian people get income 2 US dollar per day, even less than 1 US dollar per day. In addition, beside the poverty, the Indonesian people right to access education also becomes more limited. On 2002, only 10% youth on university age in Indonesia enter universities. On 2003, majority of new college students (77%) are students with parents have income about Rp 1.5 million per month, 20% is students with parents have income more than Rp 2 million. On 2004, citizen who can access the university only 3% come from poor family. Meanwhile, the rest is come from high-middle class family. As the one of important instrument in developing nation character, education should be a serious attention, especially in the cost of education operational. But in Indonesia, the government applied expensive education. At this time to enter kinder garden and elementary school we have to pay cost Rp 500.000-1.000.000 even, there is a lot more than 1 million. For junior high school and senior high school reaches Rp 1 million-5 million (depending on school). Differentiation of cost between public and private school is not much. University fee of payment reaches millions and even thousand millions. To joint University of Indonesia (UI), for instance, must pay 5-25 millions Rupiah. The question is, can a worker in Jakarta with wage 972.000 per month or peasant in country side with wage 15.000-20.000 per day afford his children to a college with the payment? The narrower of education access is bounded with the government policy to cut the education subsidy. In the constitution of Indonesia (UUD 1945), tell that the allocation for education must 20% from APBN and APBD. But, the government allocation for education never reaches this number. On 2007, the government only gives 12,3% or 98.4 trillion Rupiah for education from total government's expenditure 800 trillion Rupiah. This matter really contrary with the debt payment that is reaches 30-40% from APBN. The government even dares to spend fund 650 trillion Rupiah for the process of re-structure and re-capitalization banking. The expensive of education payment became worsening by the government policy of privatization of public university. Since 2000, the government has put in effect privatization to several prominent public universities in Indonesia. They are University of Indonesia (UI), Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB), Agriculture Institute of Bogor (IPB), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Education University of Indonesia (UPI), University of Sumatera Utara (USU), Airlangga University (Unair) and Diponegoro University (Undip) These campuses used to be known as “people campus” because give access for the poor people to get college with achievable cost. Now, in these campuses happens a significant escalation of payment. Privatization processes also known as “campus autonomy”. That is campuses have authority to manage funding and government don't give subsidy anymore. But, what happen is the biggest source of funding is come from students. Even, campuses put in effect policy like “special line” or Entry Examine (UM) to absorb fund from prospective students outside of regular line the selection of new student acceptance (SPMB). And opening new courses, instant education stage D1 and D2, and opening distant classes and extension classes to enhance the wealth of campuses bureaucrat. Indonesia has approximately 2767 colleges, 82 of them are public colleges and the rest of them are private colleges. Both of private and public colleges have several common problems, like facilities and low quality of lecturer. The payment in the private colleges -mainly the big private colleges- is very expensive. In Trisakti University in Jakarta, the cost per credit semester system (SKS) is 1.750.000 Rupiah. Student in semester 1 and 2 with the packet system (20 SKS) must pay approximately 35 million per semester. In Business and Informatics Institute (IBI) campus the cost per year can reaches 30 million Rupiah. Since the campus autonomy put in effect, happens the escalation of payment in almost every public colleges. Beside of the expensive of school payment, the other problem of Indonesian education is “curriculum”. Since 1994, has happen 3 time education curriculum exchange that is link and match (1994), curriculum based on competence (2004) and curriculum of denomination of education stage (STP) 2006. The orientation of education curriculum in Indonesia is to create academician that is ready to use and cheap in labour market. There is no effort from government or campus to advance science and national technology, the science that is learn in colleges most of them are theories in middle century, especially in social science. The most updated science less learned. Developing of technology that is exists only to raft technology not to create a new technology. The main focus of scientific development is related to communication and information technology (IT), civil technique and economics (accountancy and management). Meanwhile several courses that are less promise for labour market begin to cut like philosophy, theology and art. There also effort to develop entrepreneurship campus, but only a concept. This is because of disability of the campus to empower its students. This concept only raises the widespread practice of business on education from the campus by searching infestations to enter the campuses. Indonesian education curriculum very less learns on the social reality of Indonesian people. This is causes the Indonesia university student don't know much about the reality of nation and people of Indonesia. Not a general secret anymore if the “Indonesianist” is much come from outside Indonesia. Meanwhile academician of Indonesia much more become propaganda microphone in campus about economics, politic and law theories from west that is mislead for Indonesia people. So, can we conclude that Indonesian education curriculum is non scientific and not give an intelligent. Lecture in Indonesia very far from analyze global objective problems and reality of Indonesia people, don't have purpose to develop science and national technology and don't create highly competent labour that is useful for nation development that is strong and independent.

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jangan terlalu cepat menjadi sombong meskipun kita memang bisa, pendapat saya hanya sedehana kang, bagi saya kesetaraan itu mutlak sama, siapapun orangnya, meskipun ada yang menganggap ada orang yang bodoh, ada orang yg pintar dsb..

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Semangat belajr entu perlu jadi jangn sia-siakan waktu yang ada...

sekali lagi beljr itu penting "Jangn sampai kita membutuhkan pekerjaan tapi melainkan pekerjaan lah yang membutuhkan kita"

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Bicara masalah ilmu. bagi saya...Ilmu yang kita miliki akan lebih berarti jika kita mampu mengaplikasikannya dalam kehidupan masyarakat. Tpi kalau ilmu korupsi lain lagi.................

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di Indo masalah pendidikan kurang diutamakan sih..
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